Telecom package lost in backroom negotiations?

- Amendment 166, recently voted for in first reading in the EU-parliament, seems to have been lost in the records of the EU-Council. Its a shame and a loss for the rights of Internet users. I sincerely hope that responsible member states will bring the Council up to speed. Sarkozy seems to pressure the Council for a Minitel like version of Internet. Locked and filtered.

Its a terrible thing to see laws written without clear aim or leadership. Copyright enforcement on the net is a peril for fair use and net neutrality as much as it is needed. We need a clear voice from politicians on EU directives, or the process will harmonize the EU into a very ugly centralized and censured version of Internet.

What if your ISP would had to do the policing of your blog or website, regardless of what YouTube or website you publish on?

Its right when creators get access to infringing publishers and can remove the material and seek reasonable damages.

Me, I think:
* Publishing or uploading without consent is infringing, but not downloading. Downloading is NOT stealing.
* Laws against processing "protected" information are stupid and dangerous.
* Names of users of IP-numbers from ISP:s should get delivered by court descision, not too easy.
* Automated filtering of Internet for "unlawfull content" is not OK.
* Automated search for infringements should be done just as anyone can do it.

More services will save the day. No one wants to download everything to their computers.

IPTegrity writes about the Council trouble:

Bloggers in Sweden: HAX, Mark Klamberg, Oscar Swartz

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