EU-Court publishes its opinion on proposed EU-patent court

The EU-Court of Justice, General Advocate, finally releases its opinion on the EU-Councils proposal for a new patent court system in EU.
As we heard in rumors earlier, the court and its general advocate finds patent granting too isolated from EU-law and oversight. Hear-Hear!

 I'd say its a win for FFII:s fight against an independent EPO-patent granting machine. IPjur and ipkitten comments.

Now we have to watch how the EU-Council will try to circumvent this statement. They apparently kept this document from the public since May.

Ugly EU-Council politics is trying to give the EPO immunity in patent granting on abstract matters. That would be a big disaster for EU-innovation.


Java strangled by Oracle's patent offensive

It seems patents are no longer used just for defense in software. In Apple vs HTC, Microsoft vs TomTom, Microsoft vs SalesForce and now Oracle vs Google patents and lawyers are out for a fight. This will certainly be another public show case of whats rotten in the state of patents today. Its all about abstract properties piled up so tall that we cant see where uses of information and calculation is someones exclusive rights.

Its a shame since Java and the Java VM had so much community going for it. Now everyone will be less interested in building on something that you might as well be sued for contributing to.

I will just refer to the swpat.org page about this case at: