Remember, remember, the 24:th of September

The Telecom vote was at the same date as the first reading vote of the software patent directive.

Summary of important amendments yesterday:

"The key amendments in this regard were Amendment 166 to the Harbour report and Amendment 138 to the Trautmann report, which were both carried. They state that users' access may not be restricted in any way that infringes their fundamental rights, and (166) that any sanctions should be proportionate and (138) require a court order. They both
reinforce the principle established on April 9th in the Bono report, that the Parliament is against cutting off people's Internet access as a sanction for copyright infringement. Cutting off Internet access was not explicitly in the Telecoms Package, but it did open the door to 3-strikes. These amendments close that door. "
Summary of important amendments in 2003-07-24:

"With the new provisions of article 2, a computer-implemented invention is no longer a trojan horse, but a washing machine", explains Erik Josefsson from SSLUG and FFII, who has been advising Swedish MEPs on the directive in recent weeks. That the majorities for the voted amendments had support from very different political groups - this reflects the arduous political discussion that had led to two postponements before."

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