Brian Kahin about the patent crisis

Prof. Brian Kahin, former Senior Policy Analyst in the White House, writes about the patent crisis effect on investment and banking: "Just like the market bubble of the 1990s and recent real estate bubble, it's hard to tell a bubble when it's growing. And too many stakeholders, including politicians, benefit from widespread belief that a growing bubble is grounded in reality and will continue indefinitely. You have undoubtedly read some of thousands of guest columns by patent attorneys explaining how you, everybody, needs patents in an economy driven by innovation. When Microsoft announces that it's going to increase its patenting 50% next year, everybody wonders, "why aren't we doing that?""

more from Brian at Huffington Post here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brian-kahin

The inflation in the US patent system is much a result of the same specialized federal court system for patents that Europe is trying to create now. There is a high risk that a similar court system in Europe will suffer the same self serving interest of the patent industry, unless it can be tested in a higher and independent court.

Kahin wrote about the European Patent Courts in 2006 on EDRI:

There is another article here titled "Subprime Patents".
Also a paper by Dr. David Martins http://www.eupaco.org/report:david-martin

EPOs head Brimelow warns of a "global patent warming"

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