Abstract matters, rules Judge.

There are so many nice cites comming from this recent Federal Circuit appeals court (CAFC) ruling that its best that you start reading the full text. Its inlined here on techdirt: "Court Ruling Opens The Door To Rejecting Many Software Patents As Being Mere 'Mental Processes'"

The court rules that a patent, on logging IP numbers related to card payments, is abstract matters and not patentable. And that abstract ideas, something that can be done using pen and paper, can't qualify as patentable just because it can be stored as computer instructions. 

This seems to have an aful lot of ties with the European patent office rulings wrt "record on a carrier" and "Pen and paper" in the IBM,1&2 and Hitachi cases, execpt that this judge understod things correct. Could this possibly resolve the current mess we have? I hope its a good start. This is just after the Supreme courts rejection of the Bilski patent. 

I certainly hope that this a sharp turn for the sort of post modern rulings that have made information and math patententable.  Abstract matters.


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